Welcome to the Comstock Brothers Electric Co., LLC website.

Comstock Brothers Electric Co., LLC is headquartered in Louisville, KY and is privately owned and operated by Jay, Mike and Brian Comstock. The company employs approximately 75 full time electricians and staff and has employed as many as 300 at peak times. The company also owns and maintains a large fleet of service trucks and vans.

Arch Flash

Arc Flash occurs when phase conductors are shorted. When this happens, arc faults create large amounts of heat that can severely burn human skin and set clothing on fire.

Electrical Capabilities

  • Industrial and Commercial 24 Hour Service
  • Automotive-Process, Controls, and Conveyors
  • Plant Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance
  • Motor Controls, Power Quality
  • Safety Education Programs

Kentuckiana's Exclusive TEGG Service

  • Arc Flash Analysis/ PPE Training
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Services- FLIR P-60
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Services
  • Guaranteed Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Motor Vibration Analysis
  • Power Quality and Conservation Diagnostics